Sourcing From India
Successful sourcing is all about a function of finding good and reliable vendors. And this is what we love to do for our valued clients. Having a fool-proof process of finding the "right vendors", we come out with a wide range of solutions to cater to your preferences and needs perfectly.

Be it Filtration and short-listing of vendors, Supply Chain Consulting & Support or supply through our logistics or customer recommended logistics; we at CoGlobe have always been appreciated to go that extra mile and sort out every piece of nut and bolt in the process.

We believe in doing more for our clients. We ensures a successful Indian operation for its clients. We also provide engineering outsourcing services to cater to our clients' specific business goals. This includes the following services.

  • Identification & selection of suppliers in India.
  • To act as an extended sourcing arm of the client.
  • To identify the Contract manufacturing partners for Client products in India.

Since successful sourcing from India is all about finding good & reliable vendors, we use a foolproof process of finding the "Right Vendors" for our clients. The cost of selecting the wrong vendor is very high, both in terms of money and time. It is therefore necessary to go beyond the overly simplistic approach of calling for tender and instead following a thorough process that covers the entire Indian geographic territory and thereby eliminates the possibility of error. A thorough assessment of the vendor that is grounded in reality, and that identifies potential shortcomings that will need observation and correction, is of the essence.

CoGlobe's sourcing and supplier identification strength comes from its:

  • Highly developed supplier selection process.
  • Extensive network in the industry.
  • Team of dedicated professionals focused on the sourcing activities.
  • Our team carries around 40 years of functional expertise.
  • Studies of successes and failures in sourcing.
  • Understanding of the design, technical and manufacturing aspects across various industries.

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