B2B Matchmaking
B2B Matchmaking is a Partner/Opportunity Mapping Service.

It is divided into 2 verticals:

1. We help suppliers in finding relevant business opportunities across the world from their area of expertise. Based on company profile we scan the chosen markets in search for currently available projects.
2. We assist Contracting Authorities/Buyers in finding & verifying suppliers. Based on the project scope we search for reliable companies with the expertise to execute the project.

Focus markets: EU, India, Australia, Singapore and USA

Focus sectors: ICT, Healthcare, Data Analysis, Market Research, Design & Graphic & Fine Art, Business & Management Services.

How we operate:

As an initial step we provide a project summary to company to give it an idea of the project scope. We provide project summary for free.

If company expresses interest in the project, we provide full project details of available business opportunity (authority name, documents, contact points, submission details). For this service we charge a one-time referral fee.

We also provide consulting services wherein we work with our client across the entire stage of the project submission (legal, financial advisory; market & stakeholders analysis etc.). This service is customized to client’s needs and is chargeable based on the transactional basis.

Do not miss on available business opportunities! Let us know your sectors and markets of interest and we will provide you with available projects.

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